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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ways to improve eyesight

1) Perform numerous eye exercises.
This is my most recommended solution to vision problems. Eye exercises in the bates method are one of the most significant ways to improve eyesight. Relaxing the eye will help reduce tension in the eye allowing you to see much clearer. This website will explain how you can do this How To Improve Eyesight

2) Do not wear glasses
Many people believe that glasses improve vision, but if that was true why do people always have stronger prescription glasses over time? No one ever gets rid of their glasses or contact lenses. It has been proven that there glasses and contacts do not help eyesight becuase the eye is under worked due to being aided.

3) Use supplements
Supplements will allow the bates method eye exercises to be more efficient. They help heal any damage to the eye and reverse macular degeneration. Bilberry extract and vitamin A are essential vitamins to take. There are other vitamins and minerals that will help your eyesight.

5) Focus
For example looking at street signs from a distance and reading small print. Using your new eyesight in practice will not only help you to improve your vision even when you are not practising eye exercises, but it will also show your progression.

How to see clearly

Do you want to know the secrets of perfect vision? This website will tell you how you can regain your eyesight to 20/20 vision, so that you can see clearly again. How To Improve Eyesight Naturally